The Spiritual Conversations Workshop will address the following issues:

  • Four paradigm shifts in evangelism
  • The spiritual thirst and spiritual confusion in our culture
  • Spiritual conversation killers
  • The person of peace principle
  • Discovering the “Peace to this House” phrase for your community

You can expect to learn:

  • How to see God at work in your relationships. 
  • How to pray more effectively for your love ones and friends. 
  • How to overcome the fears in starting spiritual conversations. 
  • How to avoid being side tracked in your spiritual conversations. 
  • How to identify people receptive to the gospel. 
  • How to build and cultivate sustained relationships. 
  • How to share your story in a way that creates spiritual thirst. 
  • How to handle those who are not interested in spiritual things. 
  • How to experience the joy of spiritual conversations. 

Gary Rohrmayer is a veteran evangelist, church planter,and pastor. But, in every sense of the word Rohrmayer is a coach. He has the heart of a coach in addition to the skills of a coach. He is optimistic about God’s power to change people. He understands that every person is on a journey.They are waiting for someone to walk alongside them and help them discover what God wants next.”

– Ed Stetzer, Ph.D. holds the Billy Graham Chair of Church,Mission, and Evangelism at Wheaton College and serves as Executive Director ofthe Billy Graham Center for Evangelism.

Gary Rohrmayer is the President of Converge MidAmerica overseeing its business and ministry interests that support regional church-planting and ongoing care of its partner churches. Gary has authored several books and seminary courses. His most recent book, Spiritual Conversations, describes the evangelistic philosophy of his bestselling spiritual conversation tool, The Spiritual Journey Guide, that has sold over 2.5 million.