What if your thing didn’t have to be your thing?

What if you could be set free from the chains of besetting sin?

What if you live in continuous victory over that sin area?

What if you had a partner to encourage you along on this journey?

Accountability Partners is a 9 week spiritual life campaign designed to help you live in continuous victory over besetting sin. Whether it’s pornography, lust, anger, or general addictions, your thing is not bigger that God.

Through the incorporation of spiritual disciplines, personal coaching and accountability, this program is designed to equip believers in Jesus Christ to live in victory over besetting sin issues.

During the 9 weeks you will complete 3 phases, consisting of 21 sessions each designed to equip you to live in continuous victory over besetting sin:

  • Phase 1: Identifying the Source of Sin
  • Phase 2: Reprogramming the Mind
  • Phase 3: Building Life Long Discipline

Along with receiving daily materials to guide you through the program, you will be connected with a spiritual life coach who will serve as a prayer and accountability partner during the program.

For more information or to ask any questions, please email us at: or check out our Facebook page by clicking the button below.